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File photo: Lusa

Rangers at Zinave National Park in Inhambane province in southern Mozambique have seized 147 firearms from poachers in the past 15 months, the park administration has said, quoted by daily newspaper Notícias.

Zinave National Park administrator António Abacar told Noticias that between 2016 and March 2017, 1,902 patrols were made and 62 poachers detained.

Rangers confiscated three trucks, three tractors and a trailer from poachers and illegal loggers. A total of 1,300 logs of illegally extracted timber were also seized.

“It is not enough to collect the weapons: we must also deactivate the small arsenals from which this material comes,” Abacar said.

The weapons were handed over to the Mabote district police command, which has jurisdiction over the park, with a view to their destruction.

In the last 15 months, the park has imposed fines for illegal activities of 5.5 million meticais (EUR 77,000) .