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Gabon – student arrested for ivory poaching

Gabon Initiatives

Fabrice Mikomba,
May 8, 2018

MOUILA: The arrest last Sunday in Mouila (chief town of the province of
Ngounie in southern Gabon) was of a twenty-year-old trafficker. While the
teenager is still a student, he unfortunately pauses his young life with
the trafficking of trophies of protected species such as elephant and

Manfou-Ma-Ibouangue Meguy, a Gabonese national, was born on April 20, 1998
in Moabi. It is in this small locality that he is a pupil in the 4th year
at the Edouard Mossot High School.

It is no doubt to the surprise of his classmates, his teachers, and his
parents that he was questioned by B2 agents supported by the NGO
Conservation Justice, in possession of two ivory tusks, four panther teeth,
and several elephant hairs.

According to sources familiar with the matter, it was around 6 pm that
Manfou-Ma-Ibouangue Meguy aka Moise left Moabi with his booty in order to
go to Mouila, the provincial capital of Ngouni?.

Once he arrived in Mouila, he attracted the attention of the agents of B2,
Waters and Forests and the NGO Conservation Justice, who questioned him
when he entered the city as the student that he is, with the booty,
moreover, simulated in his backpack.

We must therefore wait for the young Meguy Manfou to install his goods in a
carefully prepared room, chosen by mutual agreement with his client. It is
in this position that he was caught. On him were two ivory tusks, four
panther teeth and several elephant hairs.

Led to the police station and auditioned in the heat of the moment, he
quickly confessed to being the owner of the products found in his
possession, and confirmed that he hunted the pachyderm and then took the
ivory. As for the four panther teeth and elephant hairs, he claims to have
obtained them from his accomplices.

Manfou-Ma-Ibouangue Meguy will be heard on minutes and then presented in
the next few days before the Public Prosecutor to answer to the facts of
transportation, detention, and marketing trophies of fully protected
species. They risk up to six months in prison for violating the forest code

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.

2 thoughts on “Gabon – student arrested for ivory poaching

  1. Gabon has been developing its natural aptitude for tourism and conservation for some years now. Formalized new national parks and protected areas; gradually becoming accustomed to some groups of gorillas for tourist visitation, improving support infrastructures and logistic, inviting private partners to invest …. However, it has failed to reshape its Environmental Protection Laws. In this case, the young hunter and dealer was caught with two tusks of elephants, if he had twenty tusks of elephants his maximum penalty would be the same six months. Judges in Gabon usually apply penalties that are very close to the maximum allowed, bumping into the ineffectiveness of punitive measures. Reviewing your laws is essential.

  2. Yes – sentences very low and out of sync with the profits to be made by smuggling. Lots of corruption in the police and army, too, which aids smuggling. Not helped by Cameroonian smugglers being heavily involved in poaching in Gabon, including elite units of the Cameroon army.

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