La Nouvelle Tribune (Benin)

Rufin Patinvoh,
May 7, 2018

The management of Park W has found three suspected poachers on Friday, May
04, 2018.

The outlaws were arrested in possession of the tusks of an elephant they
had shot in the area of Konkonbri, a neighboring town of K?rou commune.

According to overlaps, the poachers poisoned the pachyderm after taking its

They then fled.

But thanks to the vigilance of the elements of the Kaoubagou Forest
Brigade, the poachers were caught and immobilized.

They will be presented to the public prosecutor at the Kandi court to
answer to the charges against them.

It should be noted that W Park animals are not fully protected.

A few days ago, three lionesses in the protected area were poisoned by
people who blamed them for eating their oxen.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.