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May 7, 2018

Is Jerry Barcelo Retouano, gendarme at the Gamba Nautical Brigade, guilty
of complicity with the poacher Malonda Donatien and the Nigerian ivory
trafficker Vincent Chin?dou?

According to sources familiar with the matter, he allegedly provided
bullets that were used by the poacher MALONDA Donatien to kill elephants.

This presumed involvement of the policeman is pouring a lot of ink and
saliva into this oil town  in southern Gabon.

It was the arrest in Chibanga of CHINEDU Amos Vincent of Nigerian
nationality, in possession of 22 pieces of ivory (12 points) which ignited
this, triggering the ire of those involved in the fight against poaching
and trafficking of protected species.

Three other alleged Nigerian accomplices were also arrested in Tchibanga:

Constable Jerry Barcelo Retouano, serving with the Gamba Nautical Brigade,
apparently provided 458 armor-type-rifle ammunitions to a certain MALONDA
Donatien, an officer on the Gamba County Council, a hunter who in turn
brought the ivory to the Nigerian subject, after slaughtering the
elephants, to find potential customers in complicity with the alleged
trafficker BAKITA Dembele, arrested May 4 in Gamba.

The search carried out at the residence of the gendarme by his superiors,
in the presence of the judicial police, uncovered two boxes of 12-caliber
ammunition for small type hunting. Another search conducted of the poacher
MALONDA Donatien revealed 5 rifles, 458 bullets and a 10.75 Famass rifle
that were seized.

In the end, the gendarme formally acknowledged having supplied his hunter
with 458 10-caliber bullets, which he had bought in Cameroon during his

Gamba is a site that is supposed to benefit from protection measures
against poaching activities and wildlife trafficking. However, the traffic
now seems very developed.

The defenders of the environment, offended, believe that the gendarme in
question must be presented to the prosecutor in the same way as his
accomplices to answer the events constituting the trafficking of ivory,
ammunition and criminal conspiracy, whose members have well-defined roles
in this proven network of poaching and trafficking in ivory and ammunition.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.

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