Maputo — Sabie (Mozambique), 30 Apr (AIM) – Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Saturday urged the residents of Moamba district, in Maputo province, particularly the young men, to abandon poaching, a crime which not only decimates wild life but often leads to the death of the poachers themselves, particular when they cross into South Africa’s Kruger National Park, and clash with the South African defence forces.

Speaking at a rally in the Sabie administrative post in Moamba, Nyusi urged the local population to denounce all those who are directly or indirectly involved in poaching. He pointed out that most profits from poaching do not go to the poachers themselves but to organised crime networks.

“We are losing sons and brothers because they are practising an activity which only enriches other people”, he said.

He was aware, he added, that young men in the district are not happy when this matter is discussed critically, “but they ought to know that if today, when thinking about money, you poach an elephant or a rhinoceros, that means that these species are going to disappear”.

“It’s better to earn a little out of decent work than wanting to be rich all at once, while your life is in constant risk”, Nyusi added, comparing poaching to walking across a minefield. “Let us give up poaching and denounce those who are behind this crime”, he urged.

Turning to questions of health, Nyusi noted that there has been a sharp increase in cases of malaria in Moamba, although this is a disease that can be prevented. He explained to his audience the importance of using mosquito nets correctly, in order to guarantee a healthy life, free of malaria, particularly for young children who have no idea how to protect themselves.

He deplored the use of mosquito nets for fishing, or for covering crops, and severely criticised those people who simply refuse to sleep under nets.