Emildo Sambo,
April 30, 2018

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) says that last year only 58 kilograms
of ivory tusks and rhinoceros horns – from the underground hunt – were
seized at Maputo International Airport and in Malaysia.

But @Verdade knows that what has been reported by the Republic of
Mozambique Police (PRM) and the national and international press seems to
be much more, mainly involving citizens of Chinese and Vietnamese origin.

The official information put forward by Beatriz Buchili, guardian of
legality, on Wednesday (25), to the Assembly of the Republic (RA) raises
some questions and gives rise to the idea that there is an attempt to
convey the message according to which the smuggling of endangered and
endangered species, mostly from elephants and rhinos – due to the unbridled
search for their teeth and horns – is under control.

However, authorities’ complaints about conservation areas suggest that
poachers continue to devastate everything they find wherever they go.

Of the 58kg to which the prosecutor referred, six are of pachyderm teeth
and 52 of rhinoceros horns. In this case, the judge said that 15
individuals were detained in Mozambique, four of them Vietnamese and 11

As for ivory, which had already been turned into artifacts transported in a
suitcase to Vietnam, the suspect is a Chinese national whose criminal case
is in preparatory education.

However, in the PGR report there is no mention, for example, of the citizen
who left Maputo and was arrested on 8 April last year at the Hong Kong
International Airport, in possession of eleven pieces of rhinoceros horns
weighing seven kilos .

He is a 21-year-old boy whose nationality was not disclosed by the Hong
Kong customs authorities.

On November 29, 2017, Guangzhou International Airport authorities detained
a citizen of Chinese origin in possession of a suitcase with rhinoceros
horns. The trafficker, who left the capital of Mozambique on a Ethiopian
Airlines flight, also carried 11 horns weighing 30 kilograms.

The next day another 31-year-old drug dealer, who also started a trip to
Maputo and traveled to Qatar Airways, fell into the hands of the Hong Kong
Customs, accused of illegally transporting horns of rhinoceros cut into
small pieces, weighing 1,4 kg. The product, transported in a suitcase, was
concealed in wrapping and wrapping.

The document of the guardian of legality makes no mention of the dates on
which the cases to which it refers were recorded nor does it provide
procedural details.

Last year, “we registered 624 cases for crimes against the environment”,
surpassing the 436 of the same period of 2016. “602 cases were dispatched,”
of which 536 were indicted, 66 had abstention ended and 173 were in
education preparatory, Buchili said.

In the context of the prevention and fight against prohibited hunting, the
PGR said that it reinforced, among other actions, its articulation with the
National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), regarding research

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.