Nyasa Times (Malawi)
April 18, 2018

A Blantyre magistrates court has sentenced a Malawian of Indian extraction
to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour or pay a fine of K10 million for
being found with foreign currency and ivory in his house without

Magistrate Peter Kandulu has since ordered that the US$14,000 which was
found in the house of Sanjay Vashan and 14.8kg of ivory worth K22.8 million
be forfeited to the state.

Police prosecutor Christopher Katani told the court that law enforcers were
tipped that the convict kept the foreign currency and the ivory in his
house and on April 11, 2017 they arrested the suspect after searching the
house where they found the money and the ivory.

They told the court that the money was realized from ivory trading which
Vashan was engaged but illegal under the laws of Malawi.

Katani prayed for stiff punishment, saying the ivory trade was damaging the
wildlife in the country and forcing elephants into extinction.

The state brought 10 witnesses who testified against the convict whilst
defense lawyer Chimwemwe Kalua brought in three witnesses. Magistrate
Kandulu then ordered that Vashan serves 10 years in jail or pay K10 million
fine for the ivory case and he pays K150, 000 fine or serves two and half
years in jail for keeping foreign currency illegally in his house.


This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.