Lusaka Times

Residents of Kabale area in Muchinda Chiefdom in Serenje District are living in fear of elephants that have terrorised the area.

The wild animals are believed to have strayed from Kasanka National Park in Chitambo district.

ZANIS reports that Kabale Village Headman, Robert Kaseba Wanki said the elephants have been terrorising the area and have so far damaged sorghum, finger millet and maize fields.

Mr. Wanki stated that people in the area are not free to move about from the time the elephants started frequenting their crop fields which are distant from villages.

Mr. Wanki has since thanked Serenje Central Member of Parliament (MP), Maxwell Kabanda for rushing to the area with officers from Department National Parks and Wild Life (DNPW).

The two officers have since camped in the area to control the animals.

And Mr. Kabanda urged the people in the area to calm down as the officers will address the situation.

Meanwhile, Andrew Chisenga, one of the farmers whose field was destroyed by the elephants has called on government to help him with food.

“Iam calling upon government to come to my aid as the damaged fields were my only hope of survival this year,” he said.