The Union
Gros-Bouquet (Gabon)

March 31, 2018

The elements of the Kango-center gendarmerie brigade have just put an end
to the activities of four poachers. They are three compatriots: Emile
Engonga Menie, Emmanuel Obiang Ntogo and Herman Lepoussou. And also an
Equatoguinean named Gues Nzue Nguema.

These four hunters, specialized in the slaughter, among others, of
elephants, mainly in the department of Komo, were placed under arrest
warrant at the prison of Gros-Bouquet, Friday, March 16 last.

According to a source close to the Investigation Directorate of the
Gendarmerie Brigade in Kango-center, the starting point of this raid is the
discontent manifested by the people of Abanga, a town located on the axis
Sogacel / Tchimbel.

The latter complained that a band of heavily armed men had settled in their
locality, constantly disturbing their peace and quiet by firing gunshots in
the forest.

“They were (…) lawless poachers, who had made the villagers wake,” says
our informant.

Following this, the Judicial Police Officers (OPJ) invested the site to
conduct investigations.

As a result, on Monday, March 12 and Tuesday, March 13, Emile Engonga
Menie, Emmanuel Obiang Ntogo, Herman Lepoussou and Gues Nzue Nguema were

Accomplishing Evidence

During a search of their homes, the investigators also found five weapons,
which they confiscated. This arsenal consists of two rifles 12 caliber 5
shots, two rifles caliber 12 to 1 shot and a rifle type 475.

Conducted at the gendarmerie station, the four suspects initially claimed
that these weapons were given to them by third parties. Then, some of them
eventually cooperated, revealing that they practice great hunting on their

“It turns out that the four hunters operate without any legal
authorization, especially with regard to the use of these weapons of great
caliber,” we hear on the side of the investigation branch of the Kango

It is therefore on the basis of overwhelming evidence that an investigating
judge of the Libreville prosecutor’s office has committed the defendants to
the Libreville central prison. They are waiting for their trial.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.
ce is provided by Save the Elephants.