March 23, 2018

Jean-Christian Tchango was arrested recently in Lambaréné in the province
of Moyen-Ogooue, for ivory trafficking. He had with him five ivory tusks
that he was trying to sell to one of his clients.

Lambaréné, in central Gabon, is the hub of much trafficking. This is
particularly true of ivory trafficking, which is doing quite well. Witness
the arrest of Jean-Christian Tchango this last Saturday, March 17 in the
middle of the morning.

According to sources familiar with the matter, it was at 9:50 am that a
team composed of the agents of the Post-Ingerence and Military Security of
the Middle Ogooue and the agents of the Provincial Directorate of Water and
Forests, supported by the NGO Conservation Justice, undertook a raid on the
first district of the capital of the country.

The team was keen to stop a transaction involving ivory that would take
place in an alley in the city.

Around 10:30, the team arrived at the places indicated and surprised
Jean-Christian Tchango in the process of liquidating his goods.

These were five ivory tusks. Tchango Jean Christian, the trafficker, is of
Gabonese nationality. He was born on December 30, 1954, in Port-Gentil and
lives in Lambaréné in the Invoua district.

After his arrest, he was auditioned and quickly confessed to being the
owner of the five ivory tusks found in his possession.

The five tusks came from the village of Nsil?, on the road to Libreville.
He said he picked them up but obviously this thesis isn?t very convincing.
Pending the continuation of the procedure, Tchango Jean Christian was
placed in custody.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.