Gabon: New arrests for ivory trafficking

Dimitri Ondo, Afrique Review

March 12, 2018

The Gabonese capital remains one of the strategic crossroads of ivory

trafficking as evidenced by the arrest of three people on March 8, 2018.

They were in possession of two ivory tusks and an elephant tail, which they

brought from Makokou, 600 km east of the country.

It was a mixed team of officers of the Judicial Police and Water and

Forests supported by Conservation Justice who got their hands on the three

traffickers while they were about to sell their goods.

The investigation conducted in recent weeks was indeed a transaction

involving ivory, a product whose trade is completely prohibited by law. It

was now necessary to have the details of this transaction. They came day

after day, until this Thursday the place and time of the exchange were


According to sources familiar with the matter, the PJ [judicial police]

agents arrived at the scene at the same time as the three traffickers were

spreading their booty on the ground, awaiting the arrival of the client who

was to see them, judge them, and then buy the ivory for a fixed price,

since contact between the various actors of the transaction had taken place.

OYABI YANGA Remaining Junior, LENGOUMA Kere Steeven, and MOUELE Ulrich Fred

of Gabonese nationality were thus caught in the act of detaining and

marketing two pieces of ivory cut in four pieces and an elephant tail.

Quickly interviewed, they claimed to have received the goods from a person

present in Makokou. But they would also be active in Franceville, Okondja,

and Mekambo.

In the final analysis, the alleged accomplice who sent the tusks from

Makokou did not exist. Lengouma Steeven confessed to having killed the

elephant before pulling the two tusks, ensuring himself the transport.


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