The Daily Herald
February 14, 2018

EVERETT: An Everett-area man is suspected of illegally trafficking in ivory.

The 70-year-old has been under investigation by the state Department of
Fish and Wildlife, according to search warrant affidavits filed in
Snohomish County Superior Court.

He reportedly was selling ivory carvings, figurines and other decorative
items through online classifieds. He allegedly used known code words for
the items to avoid detection.

Several mammals produce ivory. Some of the man?s items appeared to have
originated from elephants, according to the records. KIRO-TV reported that
the case is part of a state crackdown on trafficking in products made from
endangered animals.

The man allegedly said he inherited more than 1,000 pieces of ivory, and
many were selling for $100 each.

Detectives in November served a search warrant on his home between Everett
and Lynnwood. They collected the man?s phone, camera and memory cards,
among other items.

Another search warrant filed in January sought access to his financial
information. The Herald is not naming him because it does not appear that
he has been charged.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.