The Star (Kenya)

Kenya elephants

Elephants terrorising residents around Mount Kenya region will be moved to the Tsavo Conservation area, the Star has learnt. The elephants will be moved from Solio, Sankara and Lewa.

KWS spokesman Paul Gathitu on Thursday told the Star on the phone the move is one of the latest attempts to address human-wildlife conflict.

“The conflict sometimes turns fatal, especially when communities try to chase them away from their farms,”Gathitu said.

Moving jumbos to a new place has to be done carefully because they could go back to their former ecosystems.

“We first of all have had to find out where we have to move them because elephants are very intelligent and can easily trace their way back,”Gathitu said.

He said the KWS once relocated elephants from Kwale to Tsavo East, but they went back. Gathitu did not say the number of elephants to be moved.

Gathitu confirmed a meeting that will determine the number to be moved will happen in Nyeri.

He said elephants have been raiding farms and destroying crops. Human-wildlife conflict has been on the rise.