Angolan authorities seized more than 21 kg of ivory in three months
Sapo 24
February 14, 2018

The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) seized between August and October
2017 more than 21 kilograms of worked and unworked ivory, corresponding to
the value of 74,048 dollars (60,000 euros) held by Angolans and Chinese.

The information was released today in Luanda, in a statement, by the
Angolan Ministry of the Environment, faithful custodian of the seized
product, which also points out that two citizens of Chinese and one Angolan
nationality were detained during the period in question.

These cases, in which the three citizens are accused of the crime of
criminal association, environmental aggression and contraband, have already
been handed over to the Public Prosecution Service.

The note also states that in the possession of the Angolan citizen were
found 13.25 kilograms of ivory, namely an elephant tooth, valued at $
46,375 (38,000 euros).

In another case, two Chinese citizens were arrested while trying to export
from the port of Luanda 5.45 kilograms of unworked ivory and 2.58 kilograms
of worked ivory in human sculpture.

According to the document, 0.73 kilograms of Pangolin scale (the only
mammal entirely covered with scales) was seized, which are sold in China
and Vietnam at a price of $ 200 per kilogram.

The inventory of means seized was coordinated by the group of authorities
of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and
Flora (CITES) of the Angolan Ministry of the Environment.