Groupe Congo Medias

Jean Eudes Ganga Mickemby,
February 1, 2018

Anyone who derogates from the protection measures for wild animal species
in the Republic of Congo is liable to the sanctions provided by law. It is
in this context that Interpellations, prosecutions, and convictions of
traffickers of wildlife products are frequently observed in several cities
and localities of the country.

This occurred as recently as Monday, January 29, 2018, in Ouesso in the
Department of Sangha where four Congolese subjects were arrested in the act
of illegal detention and circulation and attempted marketing of 15 ivory
tusks representing eight (8) massacred elephants. Two accomplices on the
run, one Cameroonian and the other Congolese, were caught on Tuesday,
January 30, 2018, still in this same locality.

The arrest of LOUKAHOU Josu?, BIAMBI Son Alias MOZALISI, MAKAYA Murielle,
MALONGA Gideon, KABIROU Mohamed and ELENGA Asco was the work of a perfect
collaboration between the agents of the Departmental Directorate of Water
and Forests and elements of the National Gendarmerie thanks to the
information and support of the PALF (Project of Support to the Application
of the Law on Wildlife).

This was an operation that came to unmask the methods used by them to
enrich themselves by way of the elephants, an animal species fully
protected in the Republic of Congo. These are sponsors, poachers and
well-organized network carriers. They use Kalashnikov-type wars and
minutions to shoot down elephants.

These individuals would find the ivory after massacring elephants in the
forests of the Department of the Sangha in complicity with indigenous
peoples. They live exclusively from this business, trampling on the texts
in force as regards the protection of animal species.

These alleged ivory traffickers recognize the facts alleged against them:
illegal possession and circulation, attempted marketing of 15 ivory tusks.
They incur sentences of more than 5 years imprisonment.

The elephant is threatened with extinction in the forests of the Congo in
general and those of the Department of Sangha especially because of
poaching for its tusks.

Sangha is among Congo’s hottest departments for ivory trafficking and
elephant poaching. It is therefore up to the justice system to strictly
repress these acts, in order to better dissuade and sensitize public

In the Republic of Congo, elephants are fully protected animal species, in
accordance with Order No. 6075 / MDDEFE / CAB of 9 April 2011 determining
fully and partially protected animal species. In addition, Article 27 of
Law 37/2008 of 28 November 2008 on fauna and protected areas states:
“import; export; the possession and transit through the national territory
of fully protected species; as well as their trophies are strictly
forbidden; except special derogation of the water and forest
administration; for the purposes of scientific research”.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.