New Era

Loide Jason,
January 24, 2018

OTJORUTE: A herd of 28 elephants has destroyed 18 homesteads and fences, in
the village of Otjorute in the Ruacana constituency. The elephants also
destroyed the village borehole, in addition to the damage they caused in
the area.

The villagers say the elephants arrived in the area early one morning two
weeks ago, amid much noise and chaos. Upon arriving at the area one could
clearly see the destruction caused by elephants with trees damaged or

The elephants are believed to have strayed into the village from the
Uukwaluudhi conservancy area.

“The elephants entered from a nearby forest area. They have destroyed many
houses and people are scared and helpless,” said Hilia Mayola, Otjorute
senior traditional leader. She however indicated that no injuries have been
reported and forest department officials promised that they are trying to
capture the herd.

“Attacks by elephants have been on the rise in that area but only during
harvesting time. Now we are worried that they pitched up too early in big
numbers,” said Mayola.

However, villagers that narrated the situation to New Era said that there
is one dangerous elephant that follows people’s footprints until it gets
into their houses.

“We are scared because over the weekend one of the elephants followed one
man from the forest to the location and it passed exactly where he walked.
This is scary… the nature conservancy needs to treat this as a matter of
urgency,” said one villager.

The constituency councillor Andreas Shitama called on the nature
conservancy officials to speed up the process of removing the elephants
from the village before they cause more harm to people.

“I am appealing to the officials to remove the elephants as soon as
possible so that the society will be at peace. They are now living in fear
which is not a good thing at all,” said the concerned councillor.

The councillor also said that he has notified the relevant authorities
regarding the situation and they have all promised to rescue the members of
the affected community.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.