Slaughter at the Brandberg

Niel Terblanche

A sheep farmer in the communal farming area in the vicinity of the Brandberg woke up to a slaughter in the enclosure where his animals were kept overnight.

Two well known desert adapted lions of the Ugab River in the vicinity of the White Lady Lodge are held responsible for the killing of 172 sheep and goats.

Despite suffering heavy financial damage in terms of stock losses the man responsible for the farming, Mr. Tertius Roos said that he hold s no grudge against the lions.

“We found the tracks of at least two lions in the pen where the sheep were kept during the night. This area is the home to the lions as well. The damage is bad but we will have to live with it for now.”

He said the sheep belongs to the owner of the White Lady lodge, Mr. Naude de Jager, and that the animals were farmed to provide the lodge with a steady supply of meat.

Officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism along with the well-known lion expert, Dr. Flip Stander have already travelled to the lodge to assess the damage and to find a way to save the lions from being killed.

According to Mr. Roos the lions will be darted and fitted with radio collars. The collars will enable officials and conservationists to monitor the movements of the predators which mean they will be able to prevent similar events in the future.

In the meantime the dead sheep were butchered and the meat packed away in every available freezing facility in the area. Some of the meat has already been transported to Uis where it will be sold.