Vox Congo
January 13, 2018

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Adama Sangar?, Diallo Bakary, Oumar Diaby, Konate Moussa, Josephine
Lemingui, and Nestor Mainkoma were sentenced by the Tribunal de Grande
Instance in Pointe-Noire for illegal possession and circulation and
attempting to commercialize an ivory tusk of more than 10 kg.

These six traffickers of different nationalities: Malian, Guinean,
Congolese of the DRC, and Congolese of the Republic of Congo were all
convicted and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

These penalties are accompanied by ten million CFA francs in damages.

This verdict was made on December 28 in Pointe Noire after an education of
over a year.

The arrest of these individuals took place in the economic capital of Congo
on December 7, 2016, by the officers of water and forests, with the help of
the elements of the national gendarmerie, thanks to the information and
support of the PALF (Project of Support to Application of the Wildlife Act).

This is a well-organized network of ivory traffickers that extends to

These incriminated people in this organized network shared the roles for
the operation of their illegal traffic. Their goal was to get rich on the
slaughter of elephants, an emblematic species of the country?a practice
that simultaneously generates a proliferation of weapons of war, used for
this massacre.

The elephant is an entirely protected animal species, in accordance with
the decree n ? 6075 / MDDEFE / CAB of April 9, 2011 determining animal
species fully and partially protected in the Republic of Congo.

In addition, Article 27 of Law 37/2008 of 28 November 2008 on fauna and
protected areas states: “import; export; the possession and transit through
the national territory of fully protected species; as well as their
trophies are strictly forbidden; except special derogation of the water and
forest administration; for the purposes of scientific research”.


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