Fabrice Mikomba, Gabon Initiatives
January 12, 2018

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MOANDA: Last Wednesday in Moanda, the department of Lebombi-Leyou
strengthened its position as a hub for the traffic of protected species in
Haut-Ogoou. 32 pieces of ivory. A nice catch for this beginning of the
year. The fight against ivory trafficking was given a big blow with the
seizure of this cargo and the arrest of three people of West African

Less than two months after the arrest of two panther-skin traffickers,
three individuals were arrested in possession of 16 pieces of ivory cut in
32 pieces, and an entire tusk. This corresponds to the number of nine
elephants killed, a massacre in the current situation of elephants
threatened with extinction.

Diawara Hame of Malian nationality, Korokosse Ibrahim and Traor? Makancira,
both of Gabonese nationality, were caught in the act.

Investigating for several months, the Investigative Police of Franceville
confirmed that a transaction was scheduled for January 10 in the mining
town. It had therefore worked to set up a mixed team composed of agents of
the PJ [Judicial Polic], Waters and Forests of Franceville and a lawyer
from the NGO Conservation Justice.

The team would move to the locality to confirm or deny the veracity of the
information. The investigations carried out rapidly in the city would lead
the agents to apprehend the three traffickers while they proceeded to the
transaction of the ivory.

Asked about the origin of the product, the named Diawara Hame opted to
remain silent, while his accomplices, Korokosse Ibrahim and Traore
Makancira, would say they had no connection to the transaction. Amazing.

Better that they would say they don?t know the name Diawara Hame. How did
they find themselves on the same case? Question.

After the seizure of the ivory had been carried out, the persons
apprehended were taken by the agents of the police to the offices of the
judicial police in Franceville.

In the first cross-examinations, no information was extracted. Finally,
Diawara Hame recognized the facts without denouncing the other accomplices.

The inquiry will certainly have more to say about this.

Quickly thereafter, Korokosse Ibrahim, assisted in his approach by his
uncle Mr. Korokosse Gagny, proposed a sum of 400,000 FCFA to the agents for
the release of the trafficker.

This amount was seized and the crime of attempted corruption was added to
that of holding and marketing trophies of an entirely protected species
that had already been blamed on them.

They were then placed in custody pending the follow-up to the proceedings.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.