J C Gutner and Jaime V. Azulay(Facebook)


angola logging

In Angola, illegal logging of primary forests continues without any real control of the authorities, with the agreement of corrupt officials. Columns of trucks belonging to Chinese companies carry hundreds of m3 of wood to angolan ports to Asia. The government has still not responded to this ecological massacre. No official news or information in the provinces of huambo, Benguela, bié and others. Greenpeace International; WWF; The Rainforest Site. Angola’s forestry resources, which have been inaccessible for 40 years as a result of the armed conflict, are now prey to a traffic. Jaime V. Azulay

The plundering of Angola’s natural resources continues!!!
In the whole world, no responsible government allows the indiscriminate slaughter of the primary forests of your country and the export of crude wood as you see here!
The consequences will be disastrous for future generations!
Angola, wake up!!!
President João Lourenço put his hand on it before it’s too late!!!