December 15, 2017

Ivorian authorities announced Thursday the arrest of 17 traffickers of
protected species this year in the country.

Satisfactory statistics that bring hope in the fight against the
trafficking of protected species in the country.

Four major operations were carried out by the authorities in the economic
capital Abidjan.

3000 kg of pangolin scales, nearly 100 kg of ivory and 230 carved ivory
objects were seized in 2017.

According to the conservation organization EAGLE C?te d’Ivoire, these
seizures have a market value estimated at nearly 150,000 euros.

The Ivorian Ministry of Water and Forests, assisted by environmental
experts, is considering how to modify the current wildlife law.

The aim is to curb the ardor of the traffickers.

Prison sentences could go from a maximum of one year to 7 years in prison.


This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.