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December 19, 2017

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Two individuals were recently arrested with 4 pieces of ivory cut in 10
pieces, or 26.5kg.  KANGALA Lucien of Gabonese nationality and MAHAMAT SALE
of Chadian nationality were arrested in Ovan.

It was as a result of information that a team composed of the officers of
the DGR and Makokou Waters and Forests, accompanied by the members of the
NGO Conservation Justice, went to the department of MVOUNG where the
transaction was to take place. After a long tour in the city, the team
finally spotted the two elements inside a parked vehicle.

Obviously, the two men were in the process of marketing the ivory tusks.
Caught red-handed, the men in question were taken to a building to be
interrogated hot.

The named KANGALA Lucien will soon admit to having killed the two
elephants, before acknowledging that he arrived at Ovan with ivory for the
purpose of selling. As for the name MAHAMAT SALE, he will declare having
played the role of direct seller in this transaction.

The two accused will now be on the premises of the DGR in Makokou to
respond to the facts of detention, transportation and marketing trophies of
a fully protected species.

For having violated the Forest Code, Kangala and his accomplice Sal? risk
up to 6 months in prison and 10 million francs fine.


This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.