Gabon Initiatives

Fabrice Mikomba,
December 14, 2017

for photo.

MEKAMBO: The small municipality of Mekambo was the scene of an operation of
the DGR last Sunday. The elements of this special brigade seized three
alleged ivory traffickers.

Bernard Nolo, Landry Mouamouele, and Jean-Benoit Akono, three Gabonese,
were arrested in possession of four ivory tusks in eight pieces.

Informed that a transaction concerning trophies of a fully protected
species was to take place in the capital of the Zadie department, the
elements of the DGR, assisted by agents of the Water and Forest
Administration and a lawyer of the NGO Conservation Justice, left Makokou
the provincial capital to reach the small town located more than two
hundred kilometers away.

Arriving at the scene, they would quickly deploy in the city, carrying out
checks in buildings and vehicles. It is indeed by carrying out these
controls that they would encounter the traffickers who were preparing their
loot for sale.

The appointed Nolo Bernard and Jean Benoit Akono indicated they had picked
up the ivories in the Matsiedie River in the forest before they had brought
them to the previously selected place where Mouamouele Landry already was,
in order to sell them.

They were then all taken to the offices of the DGR in Makokou.

They will now have to face justice to answer to the facts of detention,
transport, and marketing trophies of a fully protected species as
stipulated in the Forest Code in its articles 272, 274 and 275.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.