Afrique Review
November 24, 2017

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Sourou Koudjokehou, a Beninese national, will probably spend the next six
months at the Lambarene Central Prison. And for good reason: he was caught
in the act of holding and marketing three trophies of fully protected
species in Gabonese territory.

Two panther skins and a tusk of ivory is Sourou Koudjokehou’s booty. But he
will not benefit because he was taken by the elements of the PJ [Judicial
Police] of the city of Lambar?n? in central Gabon this Tuesday, November 21.

According to sources close to the case, the alleged trafficker made an
appointment with customers in the Isaac district where the transaction was
to take place.

Informed of this possible transaction, elements of the PJ quickly deported
to the neighborhood of Isaac accompanied by agents of Water and Forests and
a lawyer from the NGO Conservation Justice to seize the various actors of
the exchange.

Arrived at the “crime” scene, the team surprised the trafficker who had
already spread his merchandise to present it to his client.

Arrested, Sourou Koudjokehou will not make any mystery around his
responsibility. He admits to having been caught even as he was about to
market his trophies.

Placed in custody, he will be deported within 48 hours and will have to
explain himself in court very quickly for the offenses of detention and
marketing trophies of fully protected species (two panther skins and a hint
of ivory) in accordance to the forest code.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.