Cameroon Tribune
November 12, 2017

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The take, made by the Gmi No. 2 Friday at “Bois des Singes”, also included
pangolin scales, heads and parrot feathers.

Some 150 ivory tusks, bags of pangolin scales, and many other items were
seized this Friday, November 10 by the Gmi (police) of Douala. It is in the
morning of this day that, on information, the police learned that a
suspicious load is being carried out in the area called “Bois des Singes”.

The team down on the ground actually finds a truck in full load, in a store
not far from the cemetery that exists in the corner. When they enter the
scene, the police, led by the commander of the Gmi, the chief commissioner
Gerard Aldjim, ask the individuals arrested (the owner of the store, the
truck driver, and the person who had to convoy the cargo) to continue
loading. Then, they went to the Gmi in Bonanjo for the search.

“We started to survey the parcels. There were bags of pepper leaving for
Nigeria. But underneath, we found other bags,” explains CT, an element of
the Gmi.

The police also discovered mangos, then “suspicious” parcels, which were
disemboweled. These contain a hundred red feathered parrot heads, feathers
of the same animal, and pangolin scales, products whose trafficking is

And then, there are bags in the bags of scales: jackpot! These are ivory
tusks. 160, explains our source, according to a count made by the police.
Other forest products were found in the cargo. According to police, the
people arrested as well as the parcels will be put, this Monday, November
13, at the disposal of the regional delegation of Forests and Wildlife for
the continuation of the procedure.

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