Chiang Rai Times
November 10, 2017

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BANGKOK: Thai Customs officials seized 116 kilograms of ivory tusks and 15
kilograms of pangolin scales in cardboard boxes imported from Congo at the
cargo warehouse in Suvarnabhumi international airport on Thursday.

The two items of contraband which were falsely declared as fish maw were
estimated to worth over 11 million baht.

Customs Department chief Kulit Sombatsiri said customs officials stationed
at the cargo warehouse became suspicious of the content in the cardboard
boxes which was declared as fish maw.

The boxes were opened and the content was found to be ivory tusks and
pangolin scales.

However, no one claimed the ownership of the boxes.

Earlier on Sept 18, elephant tusks from Congo were also seized at
Suvarnabhumi Airport. Authorities suspected that this batch came from the
same group of smugglers.

According to Customs Department, between October 2016 to October 2017, 46
items of illegal wildlife products, worth about 350 million baht, have been
intercepted in Thailand.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.