The Daily News
October 30, 2017

Dodoma district court has sentenced two men to 20 years each in prison over
unlawful possession of government?s trophies.

The convicts, Alfred Nyagawa and Jumanne Mlaga, were convicted of illegal
possession of a gun and two elephant tusks. Resident Magistrate James
Karayemaha, giving the ruling, said the convicts were found with the
trophies against the Wildlife Act.

Apart from the 20-year sentence, the court also nationalised the trophies.
Six witnesses testified in the economic sabotage case number 4/2016 in nine
evidences which were adduced.

However, Mr Karayemaha turned down the convicts? plea to have their
punishment reduced, saying the penalty would save as a lesson to other
criminals. He said the convicts should serve the jail term or appeal if not
satisfied with the court verdict.

The magistrate commended the state attorneys in the case for their efforts
against poaching, saying more work is required to curb poaching on natural

He described the verdict as the lesson to others planning to commit similar
illegal acts, warning them to stop. Earlier, Advocate Magiri Mbasha who
defended the accused pleaded but in vain for the court to reduce the jail

The state attorney, Mr Salimu Msemo, said poaching has led to decline of
elephants in national parks. He said harsh punishment was ideal to the
culprits who use national wealth for their personal benefits.