By Adam Hartman

ABOUT ten lions mauled 86 goats and sheep belonging to one communal farmer in Kunene on Wednesday.

The attack took place at Awantapos in the Torra Conservancy where farmer Samuel Gawiseb keeps his goats and sheep in a small kraal.

Attempts to speak to Gawiseb were not successful as his phone was not reachable.

According to Gawiseb’s neighbour, Anthony Dawids, who saw the carnage, the farmer’s herder was alerted to the lions when a dog started barking. He stepped out and saw the lions at the kraal, but returned in the house as he could not risk his life with so many predators. The dog, however, was not fortunate, and became part of the kill.

The lions managed to get into the kraal, killing the sheep and goats. Only 13 kids remained when the pride eventually left. “He suffered a serious loss. It was his entire livelihood, and how does one take care of the kids when the mothers are dead?” Dawids said.The estimated value of the loss is about N$150 000.