This has been posted by someone with a clear interest in the success of the hunting industry, per se, but the figures (sourced from government statistics) shows why regulated, efficient hunting can contribute to economies and to the conservation of habitat and species – A good example of Benthamite utilitarianism over Kant’s categorical imperative. KS


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Trophy hunting’s contribution to the Namibian economy

Approximately N$ 100 million is generated by trophy hunting industry in communal conservancies per year in the primary sector. These funds go directly to the communities.

Approximately N$ 450 million is generated from hunting on private game farms per year in the primary sector.

The Namibian government earns approximately N$ 10 million from trophy hunting annually.

The hunting industry creates approximately 15,000 jobs in the primary sector.

Source: Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism

It must be kept in mind that more revenue and jobs are created in the secondary and tertiary industries such as taxidermy, hotels, flights, curios, meals, general tourism related activities, donations and shipping.

Toursim and specifically trophy hunting contributes significantly to Namibia’s GDP, employment, social up-liftment specifically of rural people as well as produces much needed protein in the form of meat.