Gabon: 5 people arrested in an ivory trafficking case in Ovan

Gabon News

October 17, 2017

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In Ovan, in the department of Mvoung (province of Ogooue-Ivindo), five

people were arrested this Saturday, October 14, with thirty kilograms of

ivory. Namely Jessy M Andry, newly assigned to Boou? as a teacher, E.

Blaise, N. Thiery all of Gabonese nationality and Mr. Achilles, a

Cameroonian subject, and A Toure, a Malian trader.

They were arrested in possession of two (02) tusks of ivory sectioned into

six (06) pieces when they were about to sell them to a hotel. These two

ivory tusks average 34 kg.

Teacher Andry Jessy says he shot the elephant two weeks ago. The role of

everyone in this ivory trafficking network is to be highlighted.

All the offenders were taken into custody in the PJ jails, waiting to be

heard and then presented to the public prosecutor who will decide whether

or not to detain them. They then face prison sentences as is often the case

in this kind of lucrative traffic.

The number of elephants is falling in Ogoou-Ivindo and Woleu-Ntem; more

than 20,000 have been killed the last ten years. And elephants slaughtered

in the depths of the forest, especially from Cameroon, are often forced to

approach the southern villages, caught in a pincer movement. This

highlights the conflicts between people and elephants.

Recent articles in English newspapers, The Mirror, and Independent

mention that native ivory of Gabon also finances terrorist activities,

including Boko Haram, in other countries. These facts have been confirmed

by the national agency of national parks.(KS: But this link is unproven and most conservationists beyond those beholden to the Gabon government do not believe there is any evidence of Boko Haram involvement.)

With the ivory trade reaping profits and strong cash flows, it is

understandable that it could interest and be linked to other types of

crime. The links between ivory trade and security problems are many and

have been identified in many countries.