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New report by The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime lifts the lid on state-sanctioned North Korean criminal activity in Africa, exposing diplomats and embassies linked to illicit trade in rhino horn, ivory, cigarettes and minerals. Research conducted by the Global Initiative has linked North Korean diplomatic passport holders to at least 18 cases of rhino horn and ivory smuggling over the past 30 years. Drawing on interviews with high-level North Korean defectors, diplomatic and government sources and hundreds pages of documents, press reports and academic articles, the report “Diplomats and Deceit – North Korea’s Criminal Activities in Africa”, examines North Korea’s involvement in Africa and allegations that the country’s embassies in several African states are intimately connected to a complex web of illicit activity aimed at the bolstering the Kim Jong-un regime and enriching cash-strapped diplomats.

About The author:

Julian Rademeyer is an award-winning South African investigative journalist, a senior research fellow with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime and is currently leading a project for TRAFFIC on protection of Africa’s wildlife and ecosystems. Julian is the author of the best-selling book, Killing for Profit – Exposing the illegal rhino horn trade.  His two previous reports for the Global Initiative, “Tipping Point: Transnational organised crime and the ‘war’ on poaching” and “Beyond Borders: Crime, conservation and criminal networks in the illicit rhino horn trade” together represent one of the most current and in-depth investigations into the illicit networks enabling the desecration of the rhino species in Southern Africa.



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