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‘Illegal’ night-time kudu hunt nearly ends in disaster

Bloemfontein – An allegedly illegal night-time kudu hunt almost ended in disaster when one of the hunters fell off the back of a bakkie after having a heart attack.He was holding his rifle at the time and shot was discharged after Kobus Willemse, 64, an assistant director in the department of environmental affairs, hit the ground. Shrapnel, which had bounced off the bakkie, is believed to have hit Willemse in the leg.

Friends of Willemse said the fact that he fell off the bakkie probably saved his life, because his heart started beating again after going into cardiac arrest.

Legality of hunt questioned

Willemse declined to comment.

“I am still at home after being discharged from hospital and will only be back at work next week. As soon as my superior at work gives the okay for me to talk to you, I will do so.”

An informed source has said the big question is whether or not the hunt was legal.

According to the hunting season proclamation, kudu may not be hunted at night. Additionally, kudu can only be hunted in areas where fencing certificates have been issued.

Soetdoring doesn’t have a valid fencing certificate.

Another question was whether the MEC for economic and small business development, tourism and environmental affairs, Benny Malakoane, had approved the hunt.

Asked for comment, Malakoane said he had just returned from China on Wednesday and had no knowledge of the incident.

“I am also off sick and at home. I will only be able to investigate on Monday.”

Sources have suggested it was impossible for Malakoane to know nothing about an incident which took place more than a week ago.