Bhejane Trust

The big poaching breakthrough was the arrest of Namatoni Ndlovu – a notorious poacher well known to authorities, and who has evaded the law to date – he still has an outstanding cyanide poisoning case since 2014 involving the death of 10 elephants, and is on bail pending appeal – a series loophole in the law. Two ZRP details on a patrol late at night noticed a car pulling off the road and parking in the bush in Chinotimba Township. They noticed the driver remove something (it proved to be a tusk) from the trunk and hide it in a bush, and they moved in as he took out a second tusk from the trunk, and arrested him.He tried to bribe the details, but they called a senior officer, and Ndlovu was arrested. He appeared in Victoria Falls Magistrate court and has been remanded in custody. He faces a minimum nine years for ivory possession and lets hope he gets his due!

There was a report received of a group of Zambian poachers crossed the Zambezi River into Zimbabwe, possibly heading for the Robins area. Stop groups were mobilized but there was no sign of them – they possibly crossed into Botswana. Subsequently tracks of a smaller group of poachers crossing out of Botswana into Zimbabwe were picked up, and this could be a hunting party from the same group, with the rest of them (being porters) left at a “base” camp.