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Ongava Game Reserve in Namibia is home to some of the rarest wild animals on the planet. At Ongava Research Centre it is our mission to protect them. With many 1000s of animals to study (including almost 100 different mammal species plus a diverse range of birds and reptiles), Ongava also provides the perfect ‘living laboratory’ for some serious wildlife research!   These are the opening sentences in our new Ongava Species Checklist [PDF, 2MB]. Thanks to your support Ongava is privileged to play a role in the conservation of endangered species – and the big hairy charismatic species have certainly hogged the headlines … we’ve all heard of the Big Five! So it’s time we have a chat about The Average Five!

During the 1990’s Namibia reinforced its commitment to human-centric conservation policies, policies that are fit for the future of modern Africa. This graphic illustrates the total Namibia wildlife population, with historic estimates based on carrying capacity. Conservation through market-based policies has resulted in one of the world’s greatest wildlife recoveries.

Source Dr Chris Brown,

The beauty of birds is they are unbounded by human boundaries. However, humans have impacted them in many other ways. The Bateleur eagle is estimated to have lost over 75% of its natural range. So for a pair to select Ongava as their nesting site this season is for us a noteworthy conservation success:

Bateleur nesting at Ongava August 2017 Image: Tony Christopher | Ongava Game Reserve

Putative reasons for declines vary, but include poisoned baits, pesticides, trapping for international trade, nest disturbance from spreading human settlements, and increased intensification and degradation of agricultural land (Ferguson-Lees and Christie 2001, N. Baker in litt. 2005, S. Thomsett in litt. 2005). The major cause of the decline seems to be almost entirely poisoning by a few large-scale commercial farmers, but poisoning is also a problem in tribal small-stock farming communities –
And that concludes our chat on the Average Five!

Revised opening date: ANDERSSON’S

An update to my previous communication. We have further boosted the Andersson’s at Ongava project with multiple improvements. As a result the previously intended opening date (July, 2018) is no longer attainable. Plus we have chosen not to begin building while the current property is in operation. The new opening date is set for 15th of March 2019 and will be integrated with the new Ongava Research Centre campus.

CGI Andersson’s at Ongava guest unit

CGI Andersson’s at Ongava guest unit layout

CGI Ongava Research Centre Visitor facility, Andersson’s at Ongava

Ensuring a high value, exclusive experience the Andersson’s at Ongava camp will only have seven Guest Units and a Family Unit, accommodating a maximum of 18 Guests. As per plan Andersson’s Camp discontinues at the end of 2017 as we redevelop the site for Ongava Research Centre and the associated lodgings.

International Representation

For local source market support we are delighted to have appointed international Representatives Northern Exposure in the UK and with Starling PR based in Munich.

I’ve been friends and worked together with Ben and Sarah in the safari business starting in Botswana and then over to Namibia in 2000. They since returned home to their native UK where they set up and run one of the nature travel industries more respected Representation Agencies
Helen and Isabel are the founders of München based Starling PR. By way of background, also see, I had the pleasure to work with both Helen and Isabel at their former jobs where they were hugely successful at representing Wilderness Safaris (including Ongava) along with North Island, Segera, Abu Camp among many others.


Ongava Google 360

These 360 images are pretty intense!  Here are the quick links to the individual lodges:

They’re also on Ongava Lodges Digital Catalogue by WETU, which includes lovely new Ongava Tented Camp images.The Ongava Tented Camp new pool. Image Olwen Evans | Ongava

Rob and Aleks are excited to be attending Safari Pros Conference, Atlanta October 2017.

And to conclude

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