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Daniel Wuantai counts losses after a pride of lions attacked his home in Birika village, Kajiado county, August 28, 2017. /KURGAT MARINDANY

A pride of lions killed 43 sheep and maimed many others at a home in Birika, Kajiado county, on Monday morning.

The 3am attack occurred on a 900-acre ranch belonging to the family of Daniel Wuantai. The family incurred a loss of about Sh655,000.

“This is a great loss to the family because we all depended on the sheep for food and school fees. The drought being experienced here has forced us to move our cattle away,” said Wuantai.

All the animals that were killed were special Dorpers from South Africa. More than 50 sheep had not been accounted for by 11 am.

Three years ago, the Wuantai family entered into an agreement with Kenya Wildlife Service against the fencing off of their land.

The KWS wanted the owner to provide grazing land for their animals from the Nairobi National Park. The agreement included a deal that he would be compensated if his livestock are attacked by wild animals.

But by 10am today, the family had not heard from the service despite reporting the incident. This was the third attack by lions in five years.

The land that borders the park on the western end is inhabited by thousands of zebras, gazelles and other wild game.

Wuantai said the lions that attacked his home may have cabs because of the way they maimed the sheep. Lions have invaded the home twice before in a period of five years.

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Neighbour Geoffrey Lerinkon said the issue of brokers connecting livestock farmers to the KWS on issues of compensation leads to cases of fleecing.

Kajiado Senator-elect Philip Mpayeei, who visited the family, accused KWS of taking their “sweet” time to respond.

Mpayeei said he will pursue the matter with the help of Governor Joseph ole Lenku and ensure farmers get their compensation of more than Sh500a