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Lady Liuwa, the legendary lioness of Liuwa, captivated the world over with her story of survival as ‘The Last Lioness’ of Liuwa Plain in Zambia. It is with heavy hearts however that we received confirmation just yesterday that this truly remarkable lioness has died.
Lady Liuwa was an icon, and a symbol of hope and resilience. Due to years of poaching lions were completely eradicated from Liuwa Plain in the 1990’s, except for one lioness – Lady Liuwa. She roamed the plains for years as the sole survivor in the park searching for her pride, but with no lions to be found, she looked to humans for companionship, and it was there where she found her salvation. Her extraordinary story of survival, as well as how African Parks helped give her a pride of her own, became one of the most moving wildlife tales ever told and was memorialized in the documentary “The Last Lioness”. She was believed to be 17 years old, an extraordinary feat for a wild lion, and a testament to the protection we along with the DNPW, the BRE and the ZCP afforded her. While she was unable to have cubs, she bonded with a reintroduced lioness named Sepo who had several litters whom she “adopted” and helped raise, finally having a pride of her own. It’s quite fitting that today is World Lion Day, and we’d like to extend our gratitude to her for showing the world her resilience, which has been a bastion of hope for lions across the continent. Farewell beautiful Lady – you will never be forgotten.

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Photo of Lady by Will Burrard-Lucas