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Kenya: Court Okays Conversion of Former President's Land Into Game Park
Daily Nation
August 2, 2017

Former President, Daniel arap Moi, has received the court's backing
regarding his sale of 17,000 acres of land in Laikipia to be converted into
a national park despite opposition from the local community.

In 2011, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) bought the land from Mr Moi at a
cost of Sh400 million and plans to buy more in Laikipia, the Maasai Mara
and Amboseli to establish new parks.

Community leaders and the US-based Centre for International Human Rights
Law and Advocacy opposed the sale, arguing that people would be evicted to
pave the way for the creation of the national facility.

After an eight-year court battle, judges last month rejected their claim,
clearing the way for the land to be turned into Laikipia National Park.

KWS spokesman Paul Gathitu welcomed the court ruling, saying that the
agency could now take full control of the property.

Laikipia is Kenya's second most important wildlife habitat after the Maasai
Mara, with elephants, lions and rare rhinos roaming its vast plains.