Update about lion hunted in Zimbabwe:

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21 July 2017
ZPHGA Statement
On the 30th of June 2017, a lion known by operators in Hwange National Park as “Xanda” was shot during a safari conducted by a licenced professional hunter and member of ZPHGA.
Richard Cooke is an ethical, respected member of our Association. Mr Cooke was contracted by Zimbabwe Forestry Commission as a professional hunter, in their area. The hunt was legal, with all paperwork and regulations being in order and followed in accordance with the Zimbabwe hunting laws.
These are the facts :
On the 29th of June, a Lion track was found, 12km into the Forestry concession.
On the 30th of June, the Lion was shot dead 2,5km from the Park.
Before entertaining the thought of hunting this cat, and knowing the history of this area, both the Senior Ranger for ZNPWMA in the area, and the field representative for Hwange’s lion research project were contacted by the professional hunter. Both confirmed that the lion, previously with a pride in the park, had been ousted by a coalition and had taken up residence in the adjacent forestry concession for the past 6 months. They furthermore confirmed that the lion in question did not have any dependant cubs and was of a legal age for harvesting under new regulations adopted by ZNPWMA to comply with USFW guidelines for sustainable utilization ( Less than 2.5% of the 2 000 lions (2016 survey) resident in Zimbabwe were harvested in 2016 under this new programme).
It is not illegal to hunt a collared animal in Zimbabwe. The collaring of lion, and various other species, in and around Zimbabwe’s national parks and other wildlife refuges, is for research purposes – not for direct protection. The dynamics of big cats is still under research and includes their ranging into hunting areas and further into populated communal areas. The professional hunter was asked to return the lion’s collar to Hwange’s lion researchers in working order, which after harvesting him, he duly did.
Ngamo/Sikumi is 420 000 acres of unfenced wilderness area under the authority of the government parastatal : The Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe. This area is allocated one male lion on quota per year, which is monitored by ZNPWMA.
The motto of our Association is “ethics are everything”. Our professional hunters and guides are the most stringently examined in the world. Our members are all ambassadors of wildlife conservation, both consumptive and non-consumptive.
James Rosenfels
ZPHGA Chairman 2017
ZPHGA 2017 – “ Education is key”