The Conservation Imperative

The Cattle Barons of Kenya.

Laikipia is buckling under the pressure of a massive influx of armed pastoralists and their herds numbering over 135,000 cattle together with 200,000 sheep and goats. To the outside world, this crisis has been painted variously as a desperate search for pasture by drought stricken tribesmen, or as a popular struggle to right to wrongs of Kenya’s colonial past.

This anonymous (the reason why will become obvious) report  looks at the crisis from the ground level, seeking to bring into sharper focus the real underlying causes and contemporary drivers of the invasions. This research explores the long trajectory of insecurity and the particular nature of the violence, juxtaposing these grassroots testimonies with many of the popular narratives circulating among the media and political rhetoric today.

It reveals that the central aims of the invasions are geared towards an aggressive expansion of territory in both a geographical and political sense. The vast majority of Laikipia’s invasion victims have suffered through insecurity and forced displacement in silence over a number of years. It is impossible to find precise figures, but Laikipia’s internally displaced certainly exceeds 10,000 and scores have been killed. Despite the security operations since March, violence continues.

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Armed Invasion of our Family Home in Kenya!

Mugie Ranch – 19th July 

Just received from Mugie –

We seem to be getting swamped over here, thousands of cows now all around on our north/east and southern boundary, they start coming through from around 4 to 5 pm and graze through the night. It looks like a Christmas tree with flashing lights every where!

Not long after Raila and Lemprukel had the meeting at Mowarak today a fancy looking car came down the boundary, met with a thousand odd head of cattle which then came through the fence. Obviously as soon as our vehicle got there the car took off and the cattle started to get pushed out again. The people are very hostile and hard to speak to like they have been instructed not to talk to any one.

I hear a huge amount of the cattle that were on Loisaba are now here or on the way here!

Commemoration and appreciation for the brave officers fallen in the ongoing Laikipia conflict

Mr.Thomas Thurkan CP Deputy commandant ASTU HQS,

Mr Bernard Wambugu SSP SOOPS ASTU,

IP Daniel Nzamba I/C Matwiku ASTU Camp,

PC Meshack Langat,

PC Emmanuel Kaigu

PC Kennedy Changwony

The above officers lost their lives in the recent ambush near the Laikipia Nature Conservancy. These men join an ever increasing number of serving officers, farm employees and innocent people falling victim to the rampant lawlessness that started in March 2016.
Donations for the bereaved families are being collected by:

SP John Wachiuri Gichohi of ASTU HQS 0720772562

Day 188 / 189 / 190 of chaos, violence, mayhem, shooting etc or day 311 / 312 / 313- Sunday 16th, Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th July

Three more days have gone by……
One day of no breaks in the boundary stonewall, one day with two breaks caused by elephant, and then last night one break caused by a small herd of cattle accessing the farm at night and rebuilding the wall themselves on leaving !
Farm jobs and patrols continue each and every day along with collecting information from various sources. The same intel has informed us that approx. 200 to 300 head of Samburu cattle arrived back on Lombara last night.

This Is Laikipia – 11

Welcome to #ThisIsLaikipia. Watch this space for truthful and relevant information about Laikipia.This page on Facebook and Instagram puts out accurate stories of what happens in Laikipia, before the Land invasion – the people, the livestock, the cropsI have added photos of the pages in here for those of you not on Facebook so that you too can be part of ThisIsLaikipia

Ol Maisor -July 18th

Just received from Ol Maisor-

Caught 300 or so cattle bomaring  illegally on Nyasore land. Asking this morning it’s a clear case of cattle getting lost by bad luck and coming in.. the only question remaining is how the ditch became a bridge by bad luck….

One of 5 or so roadblocks put in place by Samburu yesterday – a bit of half arsed effort though.

Mugie Ranch – 17th July 

Just received from Mugie –

Word on the ground is that a large number of Pokot leaving LNC are heading our way.

One herd of over 100 cattle spotted this evening coming in on the west with three armed men.

Big meeting tomorrow on the Mugie/Lentile boundary with Samburu and Pokot so will see if we achieve any thing!

Briefly picked up these steers this morning after they got left behind on their night grazing program, two armed Samburu Morans’s came and threatened our staff so they released them before they reached HQ!
Something different goat killed by baboons ! And striped Hyaena found killed on Mugie !

Mugie Ranch – 16th July

Just received from Mugie –

A herd of goats stolen off the Pokot by Samburu on our south west boundary this afternoon. 6 gun shots just reported west of our head quarters which we assume is contact between the two groups as that was the direction they were heading in.This is the third goat theft by Samburu this week on our boundary.

Huge pressure building from Samburu on all out eastern boundaries with several thousand illegally grazing where ever they can get away with it.

Two herds of Pokot cattle heading south of us for better pastures!

I have also heard from several different sources that Mathew Lemprukel brother was killed by a lion illegally grazing at night on a property south of us.
More cattle queuing up! – ready to come in for a good night of grazing.