Star (Kenya)

Apr. 03, 2017, 12:45 am

Executing suspected criminals isn’t an investigative tool, it’s just total impunity committed by those who are purely murderers and not by any stretch of the imagination policemen.

You cannot allow law enforcers to ran amok and go around killing citizens: Extrajudicial killing is illegal, unacceptable and a mockery of constitutionalism, period.

A suspect of any kind is supposed to be arrested and taken through a process of trial and, if found guilty, convicted and sentenced. But if we have police executing those suspected of committing offences0 then it’s a real tragedy. We have a Police Service that is rogue investigator, rogue judge and rogue executioner.

But the fact is that these things are going on and no one in a position of authority seems interested in addressing them fully and having the culprits held to account.

These killings have everything to do with a National Police Service that acts with impunity as its standard operating procedure and is not accountable to anyone. The brazen police executions have been going on for years and nobody hold the killers to account – not the hierarchical command structure, not the Intelligence community and not the Judiciary.

The unabated rogue operations of police executions will breed a rogue citizenry and thus anarchy, which will in turn overthrow constitutionalism.

It is not only the media and appalled citizens who should hold these rogue elements accountable, but the Police Service itself should hold its members to account.

It’s unacceptable. If Vigilance House, Police HQ, is not holding their own officers accountable, then we have to question what kind of Police Service we have.

These illegal short-cut killings of allegedly suspected criminals can never reduce crime. First of all, there are more innocent people being killed than real criminals. For one to be satisfied that you got the real criminal, you have to take them through the criminal justice system. Your satisfaction that they are the perpetrators of whatever should be through a judicial process fully backed up with evidence, witness and forensic testimony that are beyond the shadow of a doubt.

It is a self-defeating argument that killer police opt for when they say they execute suspects because they arrest them and later the perps are acquitted by the courts. Where is the data, what type of evidence did the police present before the courts?

How then is killing resolving the problem at hand?

Former KNCHR Chair