Members of the special forces


Members of the special forces are rarely seen in public and considered loyal to the government

Six journalists are expected to appear in court in Ivory Coast, charged with spreading false information following a mutiny last week by more than 2,000 soldiers demanding bonus payments.

The journalists – who work for three opposition newspapers – reported on Saturday that the Ivorian government had agreed to pay the mutineers about $11,000 (£8,800) each to persuade them to go back to work.

This contradicted an official statement that the troops had apologised and no money was involved.

The newspapers said the cash was expected to be handed over on Monday.

During the mutiny, members of an elite unit fired into the air at their base in the south-eastern town Adiake near the border with Ghana.

Residents stayed indoors and shops and schools closed.

The Ivorian special forces, who report directly to the president’s office, accused their commanders of stealing part of their salaries.

It comes a month after regular soldiers staged a mutiny over pay and conditions.