The Marjan-Marsh Awards are being presented at King’s College London (Pyramid Room) on 23rd November at 6.30pm.  The recipients are Stephane Crayne (for his courageous and vauluable work on conservation and anti-poaching projects in the Central African Republic|) and Keith Somerville for his book, Ivory.Power and Poaching in Africa.  Please come along. No booking necessary.


Ivory: Power and Poaching in Africa by Keith Somerville
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Power and Poaching in Africa
Keith Somerville

Hardback / November 2016 / 400pp / £20.00£15.99 with this email + free shipping

‘Combating elephant poaching in Africa has become an international priority, attracting Hilary Clinton, Jackie Chan and Prince Harry to
its cause. Drawing on decades of experience as a seasoned journalist,
Keith Somerville writes eloquently about the politics of ivory
poaching in Africa and why we should care.’ — Alex Vines OBE,
Head of the Africa Programme at Chatham House
Despite the 1989 global ivory trade ban, poaching and ivory smuggling have not abated. More than half of Tanzania’s elephants have been killed for their ivory since 2007. A similarly alarming story can be told of the herds in northern Mozambique and across swathes of central Africa. But why the new upsurge? The popular narrative blames a meeting of two evils — criminal poaching and terrorism. But the answer is not that simple.

Ivory follows this complex history of the tusk trade in Africa, and explains
why it is corruption, crime and politics, rather than insurgency, that we
should worry about. In this ground-breaking work, Somerville argues that
regulation — not prohibition — of the ivory trade is the best way to stop
uncontrolled poaching.