Star (Kenya)

A file photo of Ivory seized in a past swoop.  A DCI officer and two civilians were arrested on Tuesday, August 16 with ivory worth Sh300,000 at Mlolongo area.

Three people among them a DCI officer were arrested in possession of Sh300,000 ivory at Mlolongo area on Tuesday.

The officer, attached to Mlolongo CID office, will be taken to court to face charges of ivory trafficking.

Police said the three were trafficking eight kilos of the ivory at the time of their arrest.

In June, another DCI officer accused of being in possession of ivory was charged and released on Sh150,000 cash bail or Sh500,000 bond by a Kibera court.

The officer was accused that on June 10, he was found in possession of an elephant tusk weighing 4Kg valued at Sh400,000 in Thika.