Star (Kenya)

Controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria allegedly wants the government to “assassinate” Cord leader Raila Odinga because he is a “threat to the nation”.

Kuria made the remarks on Sunday at the thanksgiving rally of a vernacular station radio presenter held at the Safaricom indoor stadium, Kasarani.

A one and half minute video of the MP making the inciteful remarks immediately went viral on social media with Majority of Kenyans calling for his arrest.

Nyumba ni murathikiriria? Nindiraheiruo wira nimukuona ta nguhota? Matige guitigira, Muthama, na Orengo na nyina moke othe. Ni mui gitumi ni kii? No matume kimudu, giuke na mucinga, Raila rii rithathi ya mutwe akue mauge ni nii.No emenyerere, ona bebe no arie, tutigutorio thinaine ni mundu umue. Na arie bebe tumuthike jumatatu iria inge, maikie mahiga wiki imue na Kenya ithii na mbere . Okoruo ni haro me kwenda niyo me kuona. Muire raila ona bebe no arie na thii ihore na tuthii na no menda thayu moke tuarie tuikare wega IEBC yenda guthii ithii okoruo tii uguo mathii ma kiumaga

Loosely translated to…” My people, I was appointed to speak with these people. Do you think I will deliver? They shouldn’t fear in fact let Orengo, Muthama and their mothers come. They want to stage a gunman tasked to kill Raila and then blame it on me. But he should be careful because he can still bite the bullet. We won’t be troubled by one person forever. He can as well bite the bullet and we bury him next Monday. His protesters will throw stones for just one week and life continues. If it’s war they want it’s what they’ll get. Tell Raila he can bite the bullet but if they want peace they should come and let us negotiate ”.

Kuria is currently facing three charges of incitement to violence, hate speech and fanning ethnic hatred.

He is accused of linking the Gikomba terrorist attack, which killed 10 in 2015, to members of the Luo community.

Meanwhile, police are investigating Bahati MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri utterances over the weekend that members of the “Luo community should leave Nakuru”.

The MP spoke to a crowd after Cord leader Raila Odinga held a political rally in Nakuru on Saturday.

“The MP will be summoned for grilling,” Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said in a text message on Sunday.

The utterances believed to be hate speech were recorded on a video and audio clip that went viral on social media.

Walifanya demonstrations wakachoma nyumba ya mkikuyu na ya neighbours… kama ni namna hivyo hata wajaluo wahame hapa… wahame…wameharibu mali ya watu wetu,” Ngunjiri said.

“they did their demonstrations, burnt houses belonging to Kikuyus and neighbours.. if it is so, even Luo community should leave this area. let them leave.. they have destroyed our property”

The MP who spoke to a charged crowd incited them not to allow the Cord leader in Nakuru.

“Ako wapi..ako wapi Raila Odinga…ametoa watu Kisumu analeta hapa kuharibu sisi.(Where is Raila, he has brought protesters from Kisumu to destroy us) we must defend our people..Tuende huko tu strike..,” he added.

Via #ArrestKimaniNgunjiri, Kenyans on Twitter asked that the MP be arrested for the utterances.

“I am a Kikuyu who also loves @RailaOdinga so let Kikuyus stop making him a Luo leader. He’s a leader to many,” Njeri Gitau said.

Rein said” Before Hon. Ngunjiri made those remarks, he should travel around and find out how Kikuyus are all over. Not good 4 peace”.

Another user Cyprian Nyakundi said “Even after Tweeting @JBoinnet & Telling him Kinuthia Mbugua and Ngunjiri Were behind the Naks chaos, No arrest made”.

Speaking to the Star on Sunday, national cohesion and Integration commission chairman Francis Ole Kaparo said he will look at the clip and action taken immediately.