City Press
Stones and bottles greet Julius Malema
11 January 2014 14:51

ANC supporters began throwing stones and bottles of water after EFF leader Julius Malema arrived at the handover of a house in Nkandla, near President Jacob Zuma’s controversial homestead.

Earlier, several hundred African National Congress supporters protested near Zuma’s home, and marched past the house the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) had built for a woman and her grandchildren.

When Malema’s car arrived, ANC supporters blocked the road and prevented his car from driving past.

Malema got out and walked through the crowd to get to the house. After he made it through, supporters began throwing bottles of water and stones.

Police used truncheons to stop people protesting and to keep ANC and EFF members separate.

The entrance to the house, about 300 metres from the perimeter fence of Zuma’s residence, was manned by a contingent of police officers.

They had erected a roadblock about a kilometre from the house and all vehicles passing through the roadblock were thoroughly searched.

About 40 police officers in riot gear were briefed near the entrance to the EFF house. About 70 police cars, as well as nyalas, riot vehicles and a police tow-truck lined the road. A helicopter flew overhead.

Earlier, a group of EFF members, wearing the party’s distinctive red berets, were putting the final touches to the roof of the home. The walls of the house were freshly plastered.

A marquee with chairs was set up next to the house.

– Sapa