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Cathy Dlodlo

The DA’s parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko says Julius Malema is “Frankenstein’s monster”.

Mazibuko was addressing the party’s Free State provincial conference in Bloemfontein earlier today.

Mazibuko said President Jacob Zuma has been described by some commentators as “the accidental president”.

But she said the deployment of Malema at Polokwane five years ago was no accident.

“When the President’s allies allowed Malema to roam the country stirring up division and chaos, they unleashed a Frankenstein’s monster,” Mazibuko said.

“Their problem is that the Frankenstein monster’s now wants to devour them.”

Mazibuko accused Malema of inciting miners to strike and exploiting soldiers for his own political gain. She said people in South Africa were fearful about the crisis in education, growing inequality and “the rot at the heart of government”.

But the ruling party, she told delegates at the conference, was more concerned with “polishing its historical credentials” and had stopped thinking about the future a long time ago.   City Press