The highest court in Egypt has overturned a decree by President Mohammed Mursi to recall parliament.

Egypt parliament meets in brief session 10 July 2012

Mr Mursi had issued the decree in defiance of a military council ruling that dissolved parliament.

Members of parliament gathered for a brief session earlier in the day before the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court was announced.

Hundreds have gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest against the court’s latest decision.

Protesters chanted slogans calling the decision “illegitimate” and denouncing the military, reports say.

The BBC’s Jon Leyne in Cairo says many months of legal wrangling over what happens next could now follow.

‘No other agenda’

The same court sparked the current impasse last month, when it said the parliamentary election was null and void because of flaws in the law setting it up.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party – Mr Mursi’s power base – has the biggest bloc of seats in the parliament, and the current political impasse is seen by analysts as being part of a power struggle between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (Scaf) and the party.  Read more…