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The entire police command in North Eastern province has been moved in the wake of the latest terror attacks in the area.

Leo Nyongesa and the N-E police command have been replaced

Philip Tuimur will now take over as the provincial police boss, replacing Leo Nyongesa who was moved to the complaint’s section at Vigilance House, the police headquarters.

The office of director of police operations that coordinates day-to-day police core duties, which had remained vacant will now be occupied by Njue Njagi.

He was until Thursday Nyanza police boss, a position taken over by former traffic commandant Joseph ole Tito.

The commanders are part of a 700-strong team of security personnel, who have been posted to the region bordering war torn Somalia, where the Al-Shabaab militia has established its bases.

Francis Munyambu, who was the Rift Valley police boss, swapped places with John Mbijiwe in Central.

Alfred Ombaba takes charge at Western after Ben Kibue was appointed traffic commandant.

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Muslim leaders in Kenya have agreed to form self-defence groups to protect churches following a deadly attack on Sunday.

Fifteen people were killed in the raids on churches in Garissa, a town near the border with Somalia.

Kenya’s border region has been tense since it sent troops into Somalia to pursue al-Shabab Islamist militants.

Adan Wachu, head of the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims, told the BBC the attacks were acts of terrorism.  Read more…