City Press

The last session of the ANC policy conference deteriorated into chaos when delegates started to physically fight with each other on the conference floor.

City Press has learnt that President Jacob Zuma had to hurriedly leave the conference hall to get away from the large-scale fighting that took place.

The problem started when NEC member Enoch Godongwana presented the much-vaunted report about state intervention in the economy, and especially in mining.

Once he had made his presentation several provinces – including Gauteng, Limpopo and North West – voiced their dissent. Some provinces like the Western Cape wanted a middle ground between nationalisation and state intervention.

The Youth League supported full-scale nationalisation while the South African Communist Party (SACP) rejected it.

Eventually the debate became heated and delegates came to blows. At this point Zuma left the stage and walked out of the hall. As he left Youth League deputy secretary-general Kenitswe Mosenogi ran after him, allegedly to ask him to come back and “be bigger than this and solve it,” according to a Youth League source who witnessed the event.

She was, however, held back by Zuma’s bodyguards and he didn’t look back to her.  Read more…