Maka Angola

Hundreds of former soldiers staged a protest that caused panic in Luanda on the morning of 20 June. The war veterans were demanding payment of their pensions, some of which were 20 years in arrears.

A large contingent of Rapid Intervention Police and Military Police used teargas and batons to disperse a group that had gathered at the Largo de Maianga traffic intersection with the intention of marching to the Presidential Palace. Some of the protesters threw stones at the police. Some 50 war-widows also joined the protest, demanding the pensions that are owed to them.

Another group marched towards the American Embassy before being stopped near the Alto das Cruzes cemetery, again by police using teargas and batons. The autorities also used mounted brigades, canine squadrons and water canons, among other anti-riot measures

As a preventive measure, the presidential guard reinforced the security apparatus around the Presidential Palace and closed down all traffic around the area. At night, it was visible the state of high alert of the National Police, throughout the city, and of the Presidential Guard, around the palace.  Read more…